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Keeping you mobile and in motion – for better quality of life!

About Us

Our Knee Walker

Freestyle Knee Walker

Freestyle Knee Walker is a medical mobility device for patients who are non-weight bearing due to foot and ankle surgery or a lower limb injury. The Knee Walker works by placing your injured leg on the seat and then pushing along with your good leg. Many orthopaedic surgeons now recommend Knee Walkers over crutches for the following reasons:

  • Helps you mobilize safely and increases patient compliance.
  • Excellent for patients who have weak or limited upper body strength.
  • Helps you safely mobilise at work, home or in the community.
  • Replaces crutches, which can be unstable, and greatly increase the chance of falls.

Ideal application

  • Post-surgical foot and ankle procedures
  • Fractures of the foot & ankle
  • Ankle ligament sprains & tears
  • Foot wounds & ulcers

Features and benefits

  • Single rear disc brake for easy stopping
  • Ergonomically designed knee rest 
  • Lightweight frame construction
  • Folds down easy for transporting

About Us

Knee Walkers Australia want to help people get back in motion – for better quality of life!

Having an injury or major foot and ankle surgery isn’t easy. With restrictions and limitations put on weight bearing finds you all of sudden with mobility difficulties affecting your everyday living activities. We at Knee Walkers Australia are here to help you get back in motion and on with those important daily living activities. Our Freestyle Knee Walker and associated products are designed to spare your muscles, get you better faster, keep you mobile and in motion.

– The Knee Walker Australia Team “moving together”