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OrthoStep Tall with Air

OrthoStep Tall with Air

Indicated for stable fractures, strains and sprains of the ankle and foot, the OrthoStep Tall with Air provides a secure environment for ankle and foot healing. Constructed with a high strength injection moulded plastic frame, with a shock absorbing, hard wearing tread sole and fast fit 4 strap Velcro closure system, the OrthoStep Tall with Air provides effective ankle immobilization at an economical price. The inflatable adjustable pressure air bladder liner provides extra lateral stability. Available in 5 different sizes to fit youths to the largest of patients.


  • Ankle/foot strains and sprains
  • Mild, stable ankle/foot fractures
  • Postoperative care of the foot/ankle
  • Acute ankle/foot injuries

Product Highlights

  • 5 different sizes
  • Rigid plastic support stirrups
  • Inflatable, pressure adjustable liner
  • Rocker bottom sole